Barbara (88) was admitted to Wyong hospital under the care of Dr Ford with chest pains. He diagnosed a heart attack which made her heart muscle weak. Dr Ford held an open family meeting with her supportive next or kin and the patient herself. It was explained that Barbara was likely to have complex heart artery blockages that caused her heart attack. Together, they discussed and jointly agreed on plan for invasive heart work after considering the options, risks and benefits. The goal of care was early discharge home whilst avoiding major surgery and readmissions with heart attack or worse.


Dr Ford performed the angiogram around 24 hours later at North Gosford private showing her main artery was critically narrowed (red arrow in figure shows critical blockage in main artery at branch point). Dr Ford performed complex coronary reconstruction of the left main artery using the latest intravascular imaging techniques from a tiny hole in her wrist (distal radial artery). She was reviewed by Dr Ford the next day on Saturday morning and discharged home with her family. The total time in hospital was under one week.

Before After Barbara

Dr Ford recently saw her for 6 month follow up in his rooms “it was so rewarding to be involved in the care of Barbara – she is a much loved grandmother and great-grandmother. Seeing her in good spirits today with normal heart function and avoiding major surgery is very satisfying.”

Barbara’s Granddaughter offered kind feedback to Dr Ford and his team.

“We would like to thank Dr Ford for the time and care provided to our Grandmother, Barbara. Dr Ford was able to explain all aspects of our Grandmother’s condition. His explanations were clear, easy for our family to understand and he was honest with us about the risks associated with such a complex condition. We are very appreciative for Dr Ford’s professionalism and experience. We understood the complexity of the procedure required; Dr Ford is a highly competent and skilled doctor. His work has given us more time with our Grandmother which is invaluable to us. Dr Ford was very practical in his approach to treatment, post surgery care and realistic in the objective of preserving her quality of life. Dr Ford was actively in contact with us, we were able to contact Dr Ford easily when required and our family felt comfortable knowing the level of care afforded to our Grandmother”