Cardiac Consultation


A consultation lasts half an hour and is also useful for people without symptoms who need an assessment of their cardiac risk or advice on optimising their heart health (e.g. for upcoming operations).

The heart specialist will evaluate your medical history and examine you. They may suggest further tests to clarify the diagnosis. The specialist also will evaluate your risk of developing heart disease and discuss with you how to reduce these risks. The earlier heart disease is detected and treated the greater the chance of reducing your risk of serious complications such as stroke, heart attack or heart failure.

Tom’s ability to put patients, who are often anxious, at ease and his ability to really listen and his kind professional manner are his real strengths.

We are very appreciative for Dr Ford's professionalism and experience. We understood the complexity of the procedure required; Dr Ford is a highly competent and skilled cardiologist.

Everything was fantastic, wonderful, informative and very very positively helpful. I couldn’t be more happy with the whole experience and the positive outcome. He is top of his field and also has an excellent bed side banner. I felt relaxed, confident and important.

Very professional and informative excellent service and caring terrific specialist in his field again absolutely excellent.